Jordi Matas | Fotògraf d'arquitectura | Costa Brava, Girona, Barcelona

Architecture and interior design photographer

My name is Jordi Matas and I am a photographer specialized in architecture and interior design (and architect, ETSAB 2004), with almost fifteen years of experience as a professional photographer.

These two paths converge harmoniously and naturally into architectural photography, a medium that allows me to read and highlight the beauty and splendor of each project, understanding its architectural language, its spaces and its essence. This mixture of artistic sensibility and technical knowledge, I believe, gives me a unique and personal look, which I hope will bring an unexpected perspective to architects and interior designers.

My photographs are characterized by clean and clear lines. Geometry, lighting, and composition, are important to me, creating aesthetically pleasing and balanced, technically sound images, both in interior and exterior spaces.

Finally, I complete the visual creation process by editing and post-producing the photographs to maintain a homogeneous and linear language, hoping to offer a satisfactory representation of the client's expectations.

After living and working in more than 40 countries since 2004, we decided to return to this part of the world quite recently.

I live between the Costa Brava, Girona and Barcelona, but I work everywhere. If you like my work and want to talk, this is my email, Instagram, and phone number +34 621 209 236.


In parallel:
Besides working as an architectural photographer, I also regularly work as a documentary photographer for NGOs, UN agencies and international media, and you can see it here, Instagram.
Istanbul is a city that attracts me a lot, and here you can see "my" Istanbul